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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My midback was still a little cranky from squatting on Saturday so I wasn't expecting too much, but the workout turned out good. All deads are going to be sumo from here to the meet.
worked up to 585 X 2 singles, then 635 X 3 singles. This was a little heavier than I had planned on going, but everything still went pretty fast and smooth. The plan was for 85 % of max for 5 singles, but it was close enough at around 90 %. The hook grip is feeling better and more comfortable (didn't say it doesn't hurt, but at least I am getting used to it). I Pretty much deload until next wednesday and see how I feel. I am going to try to not get retarded and go up, because I have singles in the squat suit next Saturday. I plan to do a somewhat high volume workout tomorrow to kick my ass so I might be able to sleep......still having sleep issues. The fatter I get, the less I sleep.

Once again eating a ton of food paid off in a good workout. 5 Arby's melts, a ton of sushi, and what ever else was in the vicinity when I opened my mouth.

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