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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monday Benching and Wednesday Band Squats

Monday we benched with the fatbar.  I had planned on shirting and decided to go with it even though I hate shit work using the fat bar. I will save you the warm ups:
435 X 3 off a 2 board
485 X 2 (1 off a 1/2 board, and one touching my chest
525 X 2  These moved pretty well.  they got close to touching, but didn't come all the way since I had the shirt jacked a bit more than the previous set. 

Close grip Press off a 3 board:
345 X 3 sets of 8

DB Floor Press:
90 X 12
110 X 12
110 X 12
90 X 12

Triceps Pushdown with new Spud, Inc. Handle (available shortly):
4 sets of 15

Hammer incline Press:
1 plate X 10
2 plates X 3 sets of 10 I think
1.5 plates X 12

Wednesday was the second week of Bands for Mike.  The plan was 2 blues and another band.  There happened to be a doubled up purple under the Mono so as expected Spud said "aw, just put that purple on doubled up".  So the band tension was 2 blues and a doubled up purple band (probably 5-600 in just band tension)
145 X 3  All sets done to a 15" Box
195 X 2
235 X 3 sets of 2
195 X 2 sets of 5  I didn't have a decent set until the last one.  I am squatting on a lower box than I am used to so it is making my descent much slower because I am thinking I am not going to make it to the box....

Stiff Leg Deads off a 3" Block: 3 sets of 8

Lying crunch with a barbell:
65 lbs X 8
95 lbs X 2 sets of 8

Spud, Inc. Long Ab strap pulldowns:
4 sets of 10

Tired and Hungry now!

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