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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Who Moved the Box Squats

Mike is training for Master's Nationals and wanted to start his band cycle tonight, so i gave in and did bands with him.  We used 2 blue bands with a buffalo bar off a 15-16" box.
145 X 3
235 X 3
285 X 3 Briefs on from here on out
325 X 3
375 X 3
415 X 3
505 X 1 I had planned on a heavy single then go back down.  This felt pretty good and should have done a triple, but I'll hold that card for later I guess.
415 X 5 off a 15" Box.  It felt like someone moved the box on my first rep.  I dropped the box not quite an inch from my normal squat, and it sucked a lot.
415 X 2.  Moved my stance in to see if I can stay tighter on the box.  2 good mornings later I decided it wasn't such a good idea and called it there.

Romanian Deads:
225 X 8
275 X 8
315 X 8
365 X 8

Reverse Hypers with 500 #: 2 sets of 15

Spent some time stretching my achy hip and hamstrings afterward.

Food today:

1.  1.25 lb sirloin tip
2.  1/2 pound 93 % lean ground beef
3.  48g protein shake
4.  48g protein shake
5.  30g protein shake pre training
5. 48g protein shake and 1 gatorade
6.  4 choc chip muffins and 2 scoops gatorade mix
7.  1 steak home wrecker (no beans) and 2 scoops gatorade mix

It is 10:30 now....Hoping to get another chicken home wrecker, 1 Nestle Toll house double trouble, and some sweet tea finished.  We will see what goes down in the next 1.5 hrs

Carb Coma is coming...

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