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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 1 of squat cycle

I am about 12 weeks out from my next meet so it is time to actually start a formal cycle of some sort.  I was looking through the EliteFTS E-book 44 programs that work and came across Chad Walkers squat routine.  Seeing Chads progression in the squat over the past year I wanted to give it a try (he is doing something right).  I was supposed to do a heavy 5 with a percentage of my 1RM tonight.  I played it a bit conservative since I have not had anything heavy on my back in a while.

145 X 2 sets of 5
235 X 3
325 X 1
415 X 1
Added Boss Briefs from here on out.  I will normally put them on a bit earlier than I need to since it takes a while to get them seated right.
505 X 1
595 X 1
685 X 5  These felt solid and fairly deep for lighter weight.  Probably should have gone 735, but too late now...
The good thing about this program is that it is a little lower Volume than I am used to Spud suggesting so I shouldn't get as beat up and hopefully will have more gas in the tank for accessory work and Saturday.

Kettlebell Double Swings:
20,24,32,32 all for 1 set of 10

Close stance squats standing on a slant board holding a 100# plate:
2 sets of 20

Seated ab crunch on Row machine using the Spud, Inc. Long ab strap: 5 sets of 10-12

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