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Monday, February 9, 2009

Bench Night

I decided to do reverse bands with chains for two weeks, here is the first week. We used the green bands doubled up so most of the weight was in your hands at the top, but it took off about 245ish in the bottom. Started adding chains at 425. Big chain X 2, 3 chains X 2, 4 Chains X 2, 5 chains X 2, 7 chains X 2, 8 chains X 2, had a misload with 9 chains on one side and only 8 on the other but still managed one, 8 chains X 2. All sets were done to a two board and I put the shirt on for the last 4 sets. The shirt didn't do a whole lot for me since I am 30 lbs lighter than the last time i squeezed my fat ass in it. this set up was brutal on the lockout. It was nice to get some heavy weight in my hands.

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