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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding Rundown

So Lindsay and I got married this past weekend at Orton Plantation in North Carolina. We had a quick rehearsal and a good dinner at the slowest restaurant in town. The waitress forgot an entire table's order (10 people to include my entire family). All in all we all got food and drink so we survived. On to the wedding...
Mid 70's and a slight breeze was perfect weather for not sweating in my suit so I was happy. Everything at the wedding went smoother than even I thought (especially for having a dog and a small child in the wedding). I got there early and took a lot of pics with the photographer who seemed to be everywhere all the time the whole day. I hung talked to all the guests who kept asking me if I was nervous....(that was the question the whole week). I had to play ring around the tiny church to avoid seeing Lindsay walking up the way in her dress (she informed me that I was strictly forbidden to see her before the ceremony). We had a quick ceremony that only took about 10-15 minutes and we were off to go take pics around the gardens.
We showed up late to the reception so everyone was already there and hungry, but waiting on us. As soon as We got there I said lets eat and the feeding frenzy began. The food was awesome and the wedding cake was just as good. We had a bunch of left overs for Easter dinner the next day so it worked out perfectly. Lindsay and I spent 2 nights in a bed and breakfast in Southport. We hurriedly relaxed (lots of things to do and people to see) in two days, and headed back to Columbia Monday night. We had a great time with lots of close friends and family, and could not have asked for a better wedding.

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