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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jr Nationals meet

Thursday afternoon I weighed 315, so i cut out most of my water in hopes of making 308 as soon as I got to Baton Rouge. It wasn't too hard not to drink or eat much that night and had a good nights sleep....too good. I overslept by an hour and fifteen minutes. So I raced to the gym so we could all head to Charlotte for the flight (we did about 85 most of the way with mike muttering we should have left him). Hell, I would have left me.......
Long story short we make our flight and get into BR about 1 P.M. but I have to wait until 6 to weigh in. 6 finally rolls around and i weigh in at a slim 301 (I could have been eating hours ago). We ate at a great restaurant and i ate cookies and banana nut bread and drank pedialyte most of the night. I never weighed myself that morning, but I know I got back up to 312-315 because my squat suit has never been so tight.
The Meet: I opened at a conservative 903 on the squat and sat in the hole for an eternity waiting for spud to call up, but it went up decently. Jumped to 964 I think and got out of position and tried to do a good morning with it in the bottom.....didn't make it out of the bottom. Same thing applies to my next attempt at 964 but not quite as ugly.

Bench: Opened at 633 (the lightest thing i thought i could touch, and it went up decently, but not as fast as I was hoping. I'd like to say I screwed up my technique or something stupid like that on my next two attempts at 667, but i felt like I just wasn't strong enough to lock them out. Kinda sucked, but some days are like that.

Deads: Tried my hook grip in a meet for the first time and was successful at my opener of 622. The hook grip felt good and strong, but only for that attempt. My next attempt of 667 got somewhat close to lockout when the meat on my thumbs tore off and the bar went with it. No More hook for the day so I used an over under and just missed it at the lockout (must have held it for 5 seconds trying to lock it out).
Although I didn't do as well as I know I could have, it was a good trip. I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. Much thanks goes to Spud and Mike for taking care of me at my first big meet.

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