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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Band Squat night of Sr National Cycle

Box Squats with Buffalo Bar and 3 blue bands per side:
All sets done in TIGHT boss briefs.
155 X 1
235 X 1
325 X 1
415 X 2
465 X Missed.  The weight didn't feel too bad (although heavy), but my form was off.  I was still tying to protect my quad so I was petty tentative....easing my way down and trying to ease off the box.  I shifted to the right to compensate and made it most of the way up when I lost my balance and missed.
415 and an extra gray band X 1 slow rep off a box slightly higher than it should be.  I called it there for the squats.  I figured I should take what I can get until I get all healed up.
Rack Pulls Sumo with bar at mid knee level:
315 X 2
495 X 2
585 X 2
675 X 2
765 X 2, 1 partial reps.  I didn't get either one fully locked out at the top, so doesn't quite count. I used straps on the 765 as the grip wasn't holding.
675 X 1 and about a 10 or 15 second hold to help the grip.  Oddly enough the grip felt like it would have held forever.
Reverse Hyper: 400 lbs with green band added for resistance: 2 sets of 15

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