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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Front Squats week 2 of 4

Today was week 2 of 4 for our font squat/deadlift routine.  Last week Mike and I did free front squats on Sunday after my meet, but spud made the suggestion to do them off of a box as it would mimic the Deadlift better.  So we front squatted off a box today instead.
255 X 8
315 X 6
365 X 5
385 X 4
415 X 4
445 X 3
465 X 3
Speed deads Conventional:
315 X 3
365 X 3
405 X 4 sets of 3.  I felt like I had decent speed on these and I am trying to reinforce a strong / Fast lockout up top. 
I foam rolled and stretched my quads afterward.  My left quad got a bit irritated with me for front squatting for some reason.  Wanted to do a little more, but ran out of time.

Last Monday I started using the slingshot and doing 4 board close grip work to get my body used to heavier weights again.  I plan to have another slingshot workout Monday with some high board shirt work at the end to get my CNS tuned up a bit, then it is game on for the bench cycle!

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