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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monday Bench Active Deload

Monday I wanted to try something a bit new.  I wanted to give my body a little break from heavy benching, but wanted to kinda train through it too.  I figured i would us my looser shit and get some work in, but keep the weights lighter so it wouldn't kill me. 
135 X 3 sets of 10
225 X 2 sets of 6
315 X 1
405 X 2 off 2 soft boards
495 X 2 with maddog slingshot off 2 soft boards.  First time using the maddog and I really liked it. 
put Size 58 Phenom on
635 X 2 sets of 3 off 3 board
635 X 2 off 1 board
655 X 2 off 1 board.  I focused on bringing the bar down with more speed on these last two sets and they felt good.  Now I just need to do that with the heavy weight...
floor Press:
225 X 8
315 X 3 sets of 5
Kettlebell Double Snatch: 24, 28, 32, 32, 32 kg all for sets of 8 reps

Squat openers tonight...

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