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Monday, October 26, 2009

Heavy bench/Staple night

Bench: 135 X 3 sets of 10, 225 X 2 sets of 5, 315 X 3, 315 X 2off 2 board, 405 X 1 off 2 board, 495 X 1 off 3 board. Put the shirt on from here on out. 585 X 1 off 3 board, 675 X 1 off 3 board,
725 X 2 misses off 3 board. Missed the first one pretty bad at the top end. The second miss was closer to lockout but still could not get it locked. The 675 was decent, but I was none too happy with missing twice to end the night. Everything in my arms from my triceps to forearms lit up when I took the 725 out (like licking a 9 volt battery, but in my arms). Oh well, better luck next time. Taking Wednesday as a deload day. Abs and some cardio will be my workout.

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