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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Squat: 145 X 8, 255 X 2 sets of 5, 345 X 3,3, 455 X 1, briefs went on 545 X 1, 655 X 1, viking suit bottom for 745 X 1 ( no support so i decided to try my new ace suit). 855 straps down X 1 ( a little deeper than a quarter squat). 945 X faceplant. Everything was feeling fine, and I was close to depth. When I started to start back up, there was a pop and roll in my quad region. Needless to say I dropped the weight on all my spotters ( lucky for me and everyone else we had the safety chains up and no one got hurt but me). I thought it was my adductor because the pop came from deep in my groin area, but the more time passes and the pain sets in i think it is more in my quad. Vastus medialis to be exact and use my education i pay USC dearly for. Medicating with ibuprofen, lortab, rum and Reese pumpkins.
I have not got a clue what happens next.....I guess see how bad it feels tomorrow.
On a better note, both rob and pat from Myrtle beach got big PR's today.

-If you do it do it right

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