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Friday, February 24, 2012

Cambered bar Box squats with chains

Bar weight was 435 and added chains each set.  All sets were triples done in ace briefs:
5 Chains, 8 chains, 10 chains, 12.5 Chains, then added a quarter to make 485 and put our last big chain on so it was ~ 14 chains a side.  Don't know how much it was up top, but it felt much heavier than the rest of the sets.
Down set with 435 and 66 chains X 6 to a lower box..  I am going to try to throw in some higher volume down sets at the end of my workouts.  I think it will help to put on a bit more muscle and keep my work capacity higher.
Kettlebell Front squat with heals elevated: 12,16,20,24,28 kg all for 8 reps.
Blue Band Standing ab crunch: 3 sets of 15
Standing oblique strap crunch: 2 sets of 10 each side.

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