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Friday, February 3, 2012

Cheater Squats

Week 4 of 6 in our Russian Squat routine.  All sets were done off a box in briefs:
415 X 8
505 X 6
595 X 5
685 X 4
775 X 2
Alright, this is where I screwed up.  I was supposed to do a set at 90 % before I did my set at 95 %, But I was so jacked up to do my 95 % that I F'n forgot to do my 85 % and went straight to 95 % 865.
95% X 2 The first rep wasn't too bad, but the second (though fairly technically sound was a bit of a grinder).
685 X 6
Hanging high leg raises: 3 sets of 8.  Have not done these in a while, so my abs got nice and sore.
That was it for the night.  Felt a bit crappy or skipping a set, but honestly if I hadn't I don't see that my 95 % would have fared as well as it did.

Looking forward to Saturday.  Lighter squats, and maybe try out a new DL Suite.

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