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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The start of our 4 week Mini DL Cycle

Speedish squats raw with cambered bar on a box:
255 X 5
345 X 2 sets of 3
435 X 3 sets of 2

I have not pulled anything heavy conventional in a while, so my estimate of my max of 650 may have been a bit conservative, but I can always round my percentages up if I can handle it later in the cycle.
295 X 10
365 X 6
425 X 6
495 X 5
525 X 3 sets of 5  This doesn't sound too bad, but I have not done 5's in forever so it wasn't that easy.
495 X 5
425 X 6
365 X 10 or 11....?
Hanging high leg raise: 3 sets of 6.
Done until Saturday when I go to the meet.  I am planning on just getting the bare minimum numbers I need to Qualify for Sr. Nationals in June which would be 750, 585 and 585ish.  You never know though, bringing the new boss suit just in case I get a wild hair and try to pull a pr.  Although I may try to make up my Saturday workout I am missing on Sunday so we will see.

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Body Doctor's GYM said...

Thanks for sharing. Good luck Saturday!