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Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Bench Training

Bench to the chest:135 X 4 sets of 10, 225 X 3 sets of 6, 315 X 2 sets of 3, 365 X 2 sets of 3
Added a 2 board for the rest of these sets: 405 X 2, 455 X 2, 495 X 2, 545 X 1 (this may be a first but I can't really remember)
4 board press: 495 X 5, 545 X 5
Triceps pushdowns with bands: 5-6 sets of 15-20.
This workout went pretty well as the heavier weights aren't feeling like a ton anymore.
Shoulders are feeling it now, Probably from benching heavy twice a week for the past two weeks. Most likely take this Thursday as a recovery/pump up day.
Looking forward to getting smashed on Wednesday! I have some spud suggested plans for helping the deadlift.

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